How the Best Authentic Italian Cuisine Represents Italian Culture

How the Best Authentic Italian Cuisine Represents Italian Culture

It is said that a nation’s cuisine often reflects its culture. Some of the best authentic Italian cuisines have their origins dating back to ancient times, and their cooking style takes queues from the food of the Mediterranean.

Handcrafted meals are a staple of modern Italian culture. Let’s talk about how the characteristics of the classic Italian dish from some of the best authentic Italian restaurants relate to Italy itself.

Deceptively Simple Preparation

If you’ve watched cooking shows on Food Network or been to a high-level cooking class, you probably think complexity is a must for high-end cuisine.

It’s somewhat surprising then that even the best authentic Italian cuisine comes with deceptively simple preparation procedures. Sure, the ingredients can take months to age and prepare for the freshest experience, but the Italian approach to cooking involves elegant yet straightforward techniques.

In fact, Italian food was originally intended for families to craft and enjoy at the end of the day. Thus, it needed to rely on basic culinary skills with fresh ingredients from the market and never processed ones.

A Diverse Flavor

In truth, the term “Italian food” is rather broad. Italy became a melting pot over the years with immigration patterns. The intermingling of many different cultures has resulted in a mix of different cuisines as well.

If you stop by Pizzeria Via Mercanti for the best authentic Italian cuisine today, you’ll be tasting food brought together from over 20 different regions, including Roman, Etruscan, Greek, and Sicilian.

Worldwide Appeal

You’ll find Italian restaurants in nearly every nation, and few other cuisines have managed to maintain a similar worldwide appeal. How exactly did Italian food achieve this?

It’s a combination of its evolution across many regions and generations and its unique cooking techniques and focus on fresh ingredients. There’s no reason why your family and friend group shouldn’t try out some Italian cuisine soon.

A Focus on the Social Aspect

The food is never the entire focus of an experience at some of the best authentic Italian restaurants. Rather, it encourages socializing amongst family and friends, and thus meals can last several hours as acquaintances and colleagues catch up with one another.

That’s also why Italian cuisine is often multi-course, with appetizers to jump-start the conversations and desserts and wines to wind down after a long afternoon.

Best Authentic Italian Cuisine | Pizzeria Via Mercanti | Toronto, GTA

Want to try what was voted the #1 Pizza in Ontario in 2018 by ICCO Pentola D’Oro? Come to one of our Toronto-based locations at Pizzeria Via Mercanti. We’re dedicated to bringing the best authentic Italian cuisine to your town.

Look at our menu online to plan out your next get-together. Grab some Risotto or mozzarella balls or perhaps some crispy bread and soup as an appetizer. Try out our world-famous pasta and ravioli or even a fresh panini cooked just for you. And of course, the Neapolitan pizza is a rare dish one should not miss out on. Don’t forget to ask what everyone wants for dessert and wine!

  • Melting together the best parts of Italian culture has given us the best authentic Italian cuisine that promotes not only delightfully simple cooking procedures and the freshest ingredients but also family conversation starters and experiences you can rarely find elsewhere.
  • Italian food combines the seafood, calamari, squid, sardines, and garlic sauces of the Sicilian islands with the rustic steaks, olive oil, pizzas, and soups from the Italian mainland. You can taste a hint of Mediterranean influence as well.
  • All the kinds of pasta, paninis, pizzas, cheeses, and wines of Pizzeria Via Mercanti were inspired by several different regions of culinary skills and techniques. Get in touch with us today and see the experience for yourself.

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