Shape and Sauce in the Best Italian Cuisine: 3 Sauce and Noodle Combinations You Must Try

Shape and Sauce in the Best Italian Cuisine: 3 Sauce and Noodle Combinations You Must Try

Any restaurant that is striving to provide the best Italian cuisine to its customers will have a selection of pasta dishes. Pasta, a traditional Italian dish dating back to 1271, has had centuries to be experimented on. So, it is one of the best-developed dishes in the world.

Restaurants with the best Italian cuisine typically limit their pasta menu to a surprisingly small number of dishes. You might expect a large variety of pasta dishes on the menu. After all, how much extra work is it to add a few more dishes to the menu?

In fact, the best Italian pasta dishes require a very specific blend of pasta noodles, sauce, and other ingredients. Every aspect of the dish has been perfected over the years. Simply changing up the ingredients, probably doesn’t make for a restaurant-quality dish.

Why do certain noodles pair well with certain sauces? At Pizza Via Mercanti, we’re here to help you understand what makes our menu some of the best Italian cuisine in Toronto. Here are 3 of our best pasta dishes, and why they’re some of the most delicious Italian food you will ever try.

1. Ravioli

Our classic ravioli dish is one of the simplest, yet most delicious pasta dishes we have to offer. Ravioli pasta is one of the most unique shapes of pasta. Rather than putting the toppings and sauce on top of the pasta or mixing them in, ravioli is pillow-shaped, with a stuffing. We opted for a simple ricotta cheese and spinach stuffing.

In general, ravioli contains stuffing, which means it doesn’t need much added flavor from sauces. Most ravioli dishes are served in a light buttery or oily sauce. We use a simple tomato and basil sauce, which fits well to almost any kind of pasta.

2. Rigatoni Scarpariello

This traditional Neapolitan dish is some of the best Italian cuisine we have to offer. Unlike the regular tomato sauce, which is a very common pasta sauce, we opted for a thicker sauce in this dish. We added chili flakes and Grana Padano, an Italian cheese.

This thick sauce pairs well with the tube-shaped rigatoni pasta. This type of pasta is perfectly shaped to capture thick sauces, allowing for a perfect blend of pasta and tomato sauce.

3. Linguine Allo Scoglio

When it comes to the best Italian cuisine, you can’t go far without seafood. Italy has a huge coastline with the sea, so it should come as no surprise that Italian seafood is some of the best in the world.

Our linguine allo scoglio is our pride and joy: a seafood dish that is guaranteed to give you a taste of the Mediterranean Sea. Linguine, which is a narrow ribbon pasta, is a perfect match for our creamy seafood sauce. We also added cherry tomatoes that provide extra bursts of flavor to complete this dining experience.

Best Italian Cuisine | Pizzeria Via Mercanti | Toronto & the GTA

At Pizzeria Via Mercanti, we’ve turned traditional Italian cooking into an art form. With over 40 years in the restaurant business, our head chef finally set up our Toronto restaurant in January of 2012. Since then, our business has flourished. We now have 5 locations across Toronto and the GTA.

We make it our business to give our customers the most authentic and best Italian cuisine experience possible. Each of our dishes is perfectly hand-crafted to an original Italian recipe. Contact us today to book a table and enter the wonderful world of Italian dining.
• Though there are many different kinds of noodles and sauces, it isn’t easy to find a combination that really excels.
• Our authentic pasta dishes, including our ravioli, rigatoni scarpariello, and linguine allo scoglio, are all made with a traditional recipe. They are perfect blends of sauce and pasta.
• You won’t find a better Italian dining experience than at Pizzeria Via Mercanti.

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