A Guide to Italian Pizza from Classic Bianca to the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

A Guide to Italian Pizza from Classic Bianca to the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Most people outside of Italy see pizza as merely a hearty meal to snack on during a football game or Friday night party. However, pizza is taken seriously in the country it was born in. For a taste of the best authentic Neapolitan (Napoletana) pizza in Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA, come to Pizzeria Via Mercanti’s Toronto location and try this timeless classic for yourself. Don’t tale our word for it. Pizzeria Via Mercanti was awarded Best Pizza in Ontario by the ICCO (Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario) Unico Primo Pentola D’oro Awards 2018.

But first, let’s talk about the many types of pizza and the significant differences among them. Decide for yourself whether Siciliana, Romana, Bianca, or Napoletana is your next favorite, as each has its own differences in dough texture, toppings, preparation style, and origins.

Pizza Siciliana

If you enjoy American pizza, Siciliana pizza will be familiar to you. The invention, derived from Sicilians migrating to the US, features a spongy dough baked from the rich flour of Sicily.

Add in some flavorful local tomatoes, oregano, and toppings, bake at 300 degrees for a few minutes, and you’ll get what tourists from Italy can’t wait to try from Sicilian food carts.

Pizza Romana

Are you a fan of crispy crusts? Then Romana pizza might be for you. This type of pizza employs a liberal use of toppings including ham, olives, tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, and even eggs in some cases.

The oiled dough cooked at 350 degrees gives Romana one of its defining features: the crispiness. It’s a classic Roman street food served by the slice.

Pizza Bianca

Dating back to Roman times, Bianca pizza is easily recognized as the pizza without sauce. It may seem unthinkable to those outside Italy, but Bianca pizza is often listed as “white pizza” on many restaurant menus.

A common filling is mortadella, or Bologna ham with pistachios. You may hear about a popular variant from Tuscany known as “Schiacciata Toscana all’olio” which involves pressing onto a hot stone and filling with cheese, ham, and vegetables.

Pizza Napoletana – A.K.A Neapolitan Pizza

The first pizzas were invented in Naples, and the ones currently baked there share a recognizable style. Possibly an opposite to Romana pizza, Neapolitan pizza (also known as Napoletana) uses very little oil or fat, instead opting for water before the baking process.

The crust is fluffy on the outside and melty on the inside and is such a huge part of the pizza’s personality that toppings are typically added lightly to not distract from it. Two popular types are Marinara and Margherita. Best of all, Toronto’s one of the few places you can experience the best authentic Neapolitan (Napoletana) pizza outside of Italy.

Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza (Napoletana)| Pizzeria Via Mercanti | Toronto, Ontario and the GTA

You don’t have to plan a long vacation overseas to experience the Bianca, Romana, or the best authentic Neapolitan pizza. Come to one of our 4 locations across Canada for a taste of Italy at Pizzeria Via Mercanti.

Our family-owned restaurant knows classic, authentic pizza more than anybody else. See why we were voted the Best Pizza in Ontario by the ICCO in 2018.

  • From the classic Bianca to the best authentic Neapolitan pizza, there are far more variations of pizza than what many people think.
  • Romana features a crispy crust. Siciliana has a spongy texture. Bianca, also known as “white pizza,” doesn’t need any sauce to show its flavor. Neapolitan is often cited as the classic, original variation from Naples.
  • Are you looking for the best authentic Neapolitan pizza in Toronto, Ontario? Come to Pizzeria Via Mercanti at one of our 4 locations. Visit our website for new promotions too.

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