Additional Services

A little extra from the Italian restaurant…

As one of Boston’s biggest and most popular Italian restaurants, located in one of the most vibrant boroughs of the city – the North End, recently we’ve decided to launch an array of additional services for all of our clients… Besides regular catering services we also offer an enhanced business catering service, aimed at making your business event shine, just as well as Italian wines catering for events… Also, we’re proud to provide few local schools with the meals that we cook, as well as offering a personal dietary menu per clients request…

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When your special occasion, be it a wedding banquet or a birthday party, has some great Italian meals catered, it gets the whole mood and the atmosphere for a whole new level! Enjoy this service with a courtesy 25% lower prices, as opposed to our regular, in-house menu pricing…

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Business catering

While making a personal occasion enticed with a diverse array of Italian dishes is a no-brainer, just imagine how much better your business events, business meetings or gala dinners would be with pizza, pasta or ravioli served? That’s right, the Italian food makes everything better!

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Wines catering

Besides providing the ultimate food and drinks catering for either your personal or business-related events, we’ve also given you all an incredibly indulgent opportunity to order our wine catering! That’s right, we can deliver few bottles of Dolcetto or a Nebbiolo red Italian wines right to your doorstep!

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Waiter rental

We understand it better than anybody else, that absolutely any kind of an event needs a waiter servicing to be organized on the highest level possible, be it a personal happening or a business meeting or gala… We will rent you one or two of our uber-professional waiters, who will ensure that everything is under full control…

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School menus

The fact that we’re cooperating with a handful of local Boston schools and supply their eateries with high-quality and healthy Italian food makes us one proud restaurant! We’re eager to take an even bigger part in upholding the culture of healthy lunches for all of our schools!

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Diet menu

Whenever any of our clients finds him or herself in a position to follow a strict diet, we’ll always be there by their side! Despite the common notion that Italian food is too nutritious, we’re developing sophisticated and tasty, balanced diet meals, all made with the fresh ingredients native to Italian cuisine…