Meet people who cook your Italian dinners and lunches…

A team to be proud of…

You know what they say about being a part of a team – there’s never enough of a room for individual creativity… But that’s not the case if we talk about our restaurant’s team!

Each chef and sous chef, each single cook or a waiter, daily showcase their best and altogether contribute to the fact how constantly good everything we do is…

The food that they cook, the customer service – anything we do is just so much better when we do it together…

Our customers have long been praising our restaurant’s menu and our waiters’ pace and for a good reason!

team 1 Team
Umberto Vincenzo


Umberto is a renowned cook, who’s been working at various Italian restaurants since the ’80s… His immense experience and his talent in mixing miscellaneous ingredients and making brand new, delicious dishes are impressive. He’s presiding over our kitchen for 15 years by now and he always gets a high praise from our clients…

team 2 Team
Mary Walnut

Desserts Chef

Desserts are just something that goes very natural for her… Since her early childhood, Mary has been inventing new sweet recipes for her family. Now, she is the Desserts Chef at our place and she enjoys that very much! Regardless of whether Mary adds nuts, spices or fruits to the desserts she makes, they’re always a guilty pleasure to enjoy, but such a tasty one!

team 3 Team
Gerald Mackler

Chef's assistant

In an ironic twist of fate, an Aberdeen native Gerald Mackler has been working at Italian restaurants even in his home country of Scotland. We’re delighted, that as he moved with his family to Boston, MA, he chose to join our big friendly team! Gerald specializes in overseeing and cooking the salads and dishes with seafood.

team 4 Team
Edward Horton

Chef's assistant

Edward is Canada’s native, and working at a restaurant is just a part of his life’s passion! He’s just so much of a food person, that as he graduated from high school there was no dilemma for him as to which job field to choose… Currently he’s curating all our meat dishes, just as well as our appetizers and the soups. He is also an avid Boston Celtics fan!

team 5 Team
Reginaldo Pizzaiolo


Reginaldo is one of our best cooks! He constantly struggles for a higher quality of everything he does. Whether that’s cooking a meatloaf or a fish sauce, a salad or an antipasti – it does not matter. The only thing that seems to matter to Reginaldo is how good the end dish is and how well did the clients perceived it… By the way, he was born in Torino, so maybe that is why he’s after perfection so much…

team 6 Team
Miguel Blanco


Miguel is one of our few Mexican-born cooks… We find that very lucky, as the Mexican and Italian cuisines and dishes have a lot of similarities, oftentimes the same ingredients and also they share the same vibrancy and vividness of colors and flavorsome spices… We guess that’s one of the reasons why Miguel is so good at cooking our traditionally Italian meals. The other one is obviously his talent!

team 7 Team
Steven Winfred

Wine Sommelier

Mr. Winfred has a natural talent for wine tasting and for making precise pairings for a dish and a wine… In fact, that is ironic, as Steven has never set foot on an Italian soil in his life… Nevertheless, thanks to his incredible taste buds and 20 years long experience as a professional sommelier, he’s got it covered! Steven will recommend you any of our white, red or rose wines, all produced in the sunny Italy!

team 8 Team
Steve O'Connel

Senior Waiter

As a senior waiter, Mr. O’Connel, a Boston native in the 12th generation, is responsible for upholding our customer service at the highest level possible… It is quite easy for him to do so, as in fact, previously he’s been working in numerous French and Italian restaurants across the New England, just as well as in a multitude of 5-star hotels in New York, Los Angeles and even Tokyo!