What Makes Italian Cuisine like the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Unique?

What Makes Italian Cuisine like the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Unique?

Developed through several centuries under a unique cultural environment, the cuisine of Italy offers a degree of diversity and simplicity and an artistic use of ingredients like olive oil and pasta that you can’t find anywhere else.

The next time you try the best authentic Neapolitan (Napoletana) pizza available outside of Italy at Pizzeria Via Mercanti, it’s nice to know what exactly makes Italian food preparation different from the cuisine of other locales.

The Choice of Ingredients

Have you noticed many English and American cookbooks use many ingredients? In contrast, Italian recipes typically involve fewer than 7 components at a time. In exchange, those ingredients come from high-quality sources, whether they’re meats or vegetables.

The focus of quality over quantity when it comes to the parts is a staple of Italian recipes. You’ll find that even the less well-off residents in Italy purchase prime meats, vegetables, and non-processed goods.

And while many dishes thrive off the blend of flavors, you can experience the original taste of individual ingredients through Italian cuisine. Taste the original flavor of mozzarella and tomatoes with some of the best authentic Neapolitan pizza available in Toronto.

Simple Cooking Procedures

Television cooking shows and online guides might give you the impression that complex recipes produce the best dishes. However, you’ll find that Italy has simplicity down to an art form.

Many Italian meals utilize simple cooking instructions so that the individual flavors aren’t overwhelmed by the others. Plus, cooking times are often low as well. A bite of the best authentic Neapolitan pizza shows that you don’t necessarily need several dozen steps and long cooking times to achieve an excellent meal.

But Still Lots of Work to Prepare

Of course, that doesn’t mean making the best authentic Neapolitan pizza and its side dishes is easy. Some of the work that goes into producing the ingredients can only deepen your appreciation for how Italian cuisine was developed. For instance:

  • Italian pasta was traditionally made by hand.
  • Cheeses are aged for several decades.
  • Loaves of bread can take several days to prepare from scratch.

It’s for this reason why Italians treat every meal as a reward. If you’re interested in quality food made by passionate Italian chefs, come to Pizzeria Via Mercanti at our Toronto and other Canadian locations today.

Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza | Pizzeria Via Mercanti | Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA

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  • Every nation has a unique palate. For Italy, you can expect quality ingredients, simple cooking procedures, and lots of effort put into every meal.
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