Why Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is Special: 5 Reasons to Try This Traditional Dish Today

Why Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is Special: 5 Reasons to Try This Traditional Dish Today

When you hear the word ‘pizza’, you probably think of the fast-food dish enjoyed by thousands of Canadians daily. This modern style of pizza is made to be cheap, with a taste that appeals to as many people as possible.

When we think pizza, we think of the traditional Italian style of pizza. The idea of pizza is hundreds of years old. Different styles of pizza were created in different regions of Italy, each with its unique style and flavor. The particular type of pizza that caught our eye was authentic Neapolitan pizza, which is so different from modern pizza that it seems wrong to even compare them.

What’s different about authentic Neapolitan pizza? Compared to modern pizza, the flavors are both more pronounced and simpler at the same time. Discussing flavor with words isn’t a very convincing approach, but the facts also point to traditional Italian pizza being a completely different experience. Here are some things about authentic Neapolitan pizza you should know.

1. Proper Flour

The flour used in the pizza might not seem too important when you’re looking for a quick bite. For a proper culinary experience, though, it can make the difference between a cardboard-like consistency of low-quality pizza dough and a proper crust.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is made using the finest-milled flour available. For the pizza to be considered authentic, the flour must not be left to sit for too long, as it will absorb water from the air and change the consistency of the dough.

2. Quality Dough

For authentic Neapolitan pizza dough, the only ingredients are water, yeast, flour, and sea salt. Modern pizza doughs tend to be made with additional additives such as preservatives. These additions make the dough cheaper to manufacture and store, but reduce its quality.

Only the finest flour can be used for traditional Neapolitan pizza dough, which is why it’s so important to us to correctly grind and store our flour.

3. Authentic Cooking Process

The pizza is not considered to be Neapolitan if it is cooked in a modern pizza oven. The only way to cook this type of pizza is with a traditional wood-fired oven, which produces the heat needed for the pizza crust to be the right shape and consistency.

An authentic Neapolitan wood-fired oven puts the pizza through temperatures over 700 degrees. That’s enough heat to fully finish the entire pizza in only a couple of minutes.

4. The Right Tomatoes

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is made of a very specific kind of tomato: Marzano tomatoes, which are grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius. These tomatoes contain more nutrients and more flavor than almost all other fruits in the world.

Tomatoes used in modern pizzas, while cheap and easy to produce, can’t compare to the rich flavor Marzano tomatoes produce.

5. Cheese Selection

The Mozzarella cheese used in modern fast-food pizzas is far from authentic. The processing, while adding the popular salty flavor you see in many fast-food pizzas, destroys the authentic experience the cheese provides.

Traditional Neapolitan cooking uses the same water buffalo Mozzarella cheese that was first used hundreds of years ago. This cheese provides a very recognizable taste that provides the Neapolitan pizza with its distinct flavor.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza | Toronto & the GTA | Pizzeria Via Mercanti

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● Modern pizza and Neapolitan pizza are so different, they can’t even be compared properly.
● Unlike modern pizza, Neapolitan pizza uses very specific ingredients and preparation methods to maintain its authenticity.
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